Hello my name is Edmundo Rubio

I’m a Full-Stack Web-Developer, who likes to create Web-Applications using:

  • JavaScript – ES6
  • React-JS
  • Node.JS
  • Mongodb & MySQL
  • Linux

When creating apps, I specialize in the MERN Stack, but I can use and learn any technology you prefer in your project.

I like to learn and gain new skills while developing new sites, to see some of my previous work use the menu on the top of this page, or click the following links:   OtherPages  –  React-JS – Full-Stack – LiveProjects

To find out what I has bee learning lately, or see some of the tutorials that I create, you can surf my blog: blog.mycode.website

Another place to find me is GitHub, this online repository is the place where I save most of the projects, my user-name is Edxael.

For more information about my previous work experience, education and other skills, please review my profile at LinkedIn: Edmundo Rubio.

One more place where I enjoy spend surf time is codewars.com, this site is a place where I practice JavaScript, here my user-name is Edxael.

Finally here you can find my updated resume: www.edmundorubio.site

Contact me:  erubio@zyphex.com

. . . . .

“Coding is when we take time to find and develop solutions for every day problems, combining the computing power of machines and the far reach of the internet, to create TOOLS that are easily available and a solution to those every day problems. ”  Edmundo Rubio.

“First we build tools, then they build us”  Marshall McLuhan.


. . . . .

About Me:

I’m a U.S. Citizen born and raised Mexico, I enjoy: programming, traveling, reading books, and spend time with my family. Once a week I like to watch a movie at home.


“Life isn’t about finding yourself, Life is about creating yourself.”  George Bernard Shaw